Back to School

T-minus 10 days until I officially start school once again....
Oh the cute, random, and totally relatable things you find on Tumblr.

Anyways, for a few weeks now I have been on the quest for a perfect chic and vintage-esque backpack to use. Last year, I used a kinda-simply leather black tote bag. Meh, it was alright for finding it last minute! This year, I wanted to find something more fashionable.

Today, I decided to hit up T.J. Maxx because they usually have a decent selection of cheaper designer bags. I ended up finding this bag. It's pretty much everything I was looking for.

Cutee right? It was pretty cheap, yet it has a more expensive look to it. Oh and it was a laptop bag, but whatever :) As you can see, the brand is called Bueno. I did a google research and their products can be found on websites like Target & Amazon. 

Who else has school currently/soon? :(

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