F21 + My New Job + MUSTACHE

Today seemed to last forever... Got a haircut -- Just a trim, it doesn't even look like it has changed haha -- had my first official day of work at my new job, and caught up with my friend who I haven't seen all summer at the mall. Let's start with the stuff that you're probably only concerned with, shall we? :)

I saw these on the mannequin but couldn't locate them in the store. I asked a worker and she ran to the back to get me a pair because they weren't supposed to be released until tomorrow or something. hehe. 

Silver Studded Elastic Bracelet -- $3.80

Mint Stone Antique Ring -- $4.80

Forever 21 Total = $25.94 (Including tax)

Anyways, earlier today I had my first official day at Old Navy. Yesterday, I had orientation and filled out an almost endless supply of droning paperwork followed by a million cheesy, yet slightly amusing, video clips about various things such as customer stealing and the proper way to pick up a box. Today, was more exciting, I swear! Basically, I ran all over the place putting unwanted clothes back on the floor and manning the dressing room and honestly, I really enjoyed it! I only worked four hours and that seemed to have gone by in a blink. I had a fifteen minute break, but only used about five minutes to check my phone and whatnot. I work again on Friday. Yay! 

OH and by the way, I get 25% off at Old Navy, 50% off at Banana Republic and GAP, and 10% any clearance item. YEAYUH~

Lastly, I end you with this completely irrelevant picture of me with a $.25 fake mustache from Party City. Am I dork? Yes. Was this a waste of money? Yes. Do I regret it? NOO! :{D
Oooh and if you would like to laugh at my own expense: WATCH THIS VIDEO. Oh god. Why am I so weird?! *facepalm*

In desperate need of a foot massage,

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