Fresh Off the Rack #1

Sometimes, it's nice to shop alone. Yeah, it's always fun to head out to the stores with your girlfriends, but I enjoy going with just me, myself & I as well!

The other day, I hit up this small shopping distract close to my house. I didn't plan on spending too much, so I only bought one thing. But, I did enjoy trying on a crapload of things, hehe. These are just a few pictures took in the Marshall's changing room. They had such good lightingggg.

The last shirt says, "Everybody talks about my BLOG." Hahahahahaha. I regret not buying it..
The only thing I did purchase was the black romper in the 2&3 picture for only $10.

Is it unbearably hot where you guys live? I was dying today x.x Thank god for my neighbor's pool.


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