Big City Dreams.

"In about one year you'll have it all figured out 
                                                  These big city dreams are what you're about
 Walking like strangers among these states 
Only time will tell how long I can wait."

"Big City Dreams" -- Never Shout Never

Needless to say, I dream of moving to the city. Almost daily (er..and currently), I am sitting in my room in this small town in the Pennsylvania suburbs a.k.a the middle of nowhere, just wishing I had somewhere where I could get dressed in a city chic outfit, head out the door, and walk to a cute cafe or a store, since I don't drive. Being constantly pent up in my house is driving me crazy. Yeah, it was great in the beginning of Summer because I got to get a bunch of things accomplished I didn't have enough time to do during the year. But now, I yearn to be where the excitement is. 

I want to have the chance to broaden my horizons. My ultimate life goal is to travel the world. I could go on and on about the various places I would love to visit. Earth is a vast place with a plethora of people, culture, & land and I want to see it all. If I had it my way and money wasn't so tight, I would be at one of those places now, indulging myself in new experiences. I've only been in Korea when I was born, which obviously I do not remember since I moved away when I was four months old. But here I am.

I want to meet new people! Where I live, it isn't so small where you know every single family in the community, but often times, that's what it feels like. The people I see, I've practically grown up with from elementary, to middle school, to high school. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my friends, but often I wish there were more people to meet and get to know. But here I am.

As I said, before, I want to have the ability to step out my door and go somewhere -- anywhere. Where I live, the nearest place to walk to is the Dollar Store a couple of miles away. When I am in a city, If one day I don't feel like bumming around in my sweats, I can call up a friend and walk out the door. If one day I am craving some Japanese food, I can walk a few blocks to hit up an Asian restaurant and grab some Starbucks on the way. 

I am not saying that I despise my hometown and that it's boring. In fact, it's quite nice because of how calm and peaceful it always seems to be, but I guess being here my whole life, I get tired of it. I need something new. Hence, my own big city dreams. When I eventually move out one day and go to a city, this is how I want to feel about it. Reading Cheri's post about made me feel good about myself and I felt happy for her. It also made me realize how much I cannot wait to head to a city and find one that I can comfortably call home. 

Finally, I want to go to a city to find myself. It will allow me to be away from people I've known my whole life. I am so ready to experience what the world has to offer on my own. I know that this comes with a heavy responsibility, but that's life. C'est la vie. I don't know who I am yet, but all I know is that I am ready to head out and learn what life is like beyond the place I've only ever known.

Impatiently waiting,

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