What's wrong with being a nerd?

So, when I have spare time, here are some of the few things you can find me doing at home; reading, writing, watching k-drama, iPod, dancing, or gaming. I'm kinda a homebody. Don't get me wrong I love going out and having fun but nothing beats putting on sweats, making hot chocolate and gaming my little heart out :) Admit it.

Lately, I've been playing a lot of xbox. Black Ops. COD. Heh. Superficially, one would never consider me as someone who would take enjoyment out of virtually shooting people.. but it's a lot of fun! (Not to mention a great way to take your anger out on the world). A few months ago, I remember me saying, "I just don't get it. How can all of these guys get so hooked on shooting people?! Call of Duty doesn't even have that great of graphics." Lesson learned. Don't judge a book by the cover.

My brother and all his friends come over for gaming seshs and I ended up allowing them to teach me how to play. I got so into it! Needless to say, I still suck but hey, I'm trying to improve :) Call of Duty is a FPS, First Person Shooter, which means that you play as if you're holding the gun. Fun!
I don't spend countless hours playing COD but I do enjoy playing it every now and then :) I actually prefer, RPG games or Role Play. For instance, Final Fantasty anyone?! It's like you're controlling a movie and the graphic arts are simply amazing.
Since my brother lives and breathes xbox lately, I've been playing a lot of random games on my new 4G iPod Touch! Heck yes :) I got it for Christmas. I was in need of a new one super badly! My old one was the iPod classic aka the first iPod with video capability.

So, since I'm still a noob to the iPod App world, do you guys have any game recommendations? My good friend Matthew told me to download Doodle Jump last night and I stayed up playing it LOL. Such a simple game yet it's so addicting. Heh.

I hope I didn't bore you all too much. If you even read this fully through! I'm sorry my blog posts tend to jump topics.. I can't help it :) I feel boring if I just stick to fashion/makeup all the time.

Thanks for baring with me,



  1. Ahahah everybody around me seems to be be playing COD or StarCraft! My boyfriend is always playing either one of them but it's OK because I can catch up on blogs =P

  2. hah! That's hilarious :)
    I haven't really played black ops too much yet, but I like COD too. Not as much as you probably, but I like to play every now and again. If you have xbox live we could play together :)

    Yay for being a homebody!

  3. Nothing's wrong with nerds!! I love to read books in my spare time! I think guys actually find girls who play games etc. attractive *shrugs*

  4. @Gaby hahahaha that works :P

    @MJ See, the thing is I'm not even good LOL I have xbox but I need to get a live account still ><

    @PinkOrchids I love reading too :) It's always great to pick up a good book. And really? Might be! Ima nerd hehe

  5. nerdy girls are so hard to find =P
    seriously i am one day gonna marry a geek!

  6. Wow! My sweetey and all his friends would be super impressed with your gaming love! haha (btw...have you tried the Angry Birds app? I know its old but I'm still super into it! haha).



  7. Sorry, I only play facebook games haha.. but thanks for the comment, it helps alot. tho i have to think of a name to use that better suits me.

  8. @Ken I think it's funny how some girls get so made at their boyfriends for gaming.. Join in the fun!

    @bubbs Hahaha yeah! I have the Lite version. I am so bad at it!

    @Natsumi Gluck, hun :]

  9. I'm honestly addicted to Black Ops. LOL I play it all the time when I'm at my boyfriend's house now.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. Black ops is so fun but I still like Modern Warfare 2 ... lol

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with nerding it out with a some friends.

    Did you play Final Fantasy 13? I regret letting my brother start it. Once I realized the game play changed from turn based battle to live action battle I was so turned off i didn't even start the game. I bought it within the week of its release and never touched it.

  11. I'm honestly addicted to Black Ops. LOL I play it all the time when I'm at my boyfriend's house now.

    xx The Little Dust Princess