Braving that winter chill

Hello :)
How was your holiday? I hope it was wonderful! Mine was pretty good

On Thursday, the day before Christmas Eve, I walked over to my best friend's house for a nighborhood party. It's always fun hanging out with my old childhood friends all together! On Christmas Eve, I sang at my church and then went to my Grandmother's for dinner. Christmas morning we opened presents and later that day, my Mom's side of the family came over. What did you do? :)
Charlotte Russe Grey blazer
Marshall's tank top
Forever 21 Knit heart tights
Payless American Eagle black boots

Forever 21 Black sweater

Forever 21 Skirt

Forever 21 Sheer bow tights

Payless Beige knee-high socks

Payless American Eagle black boots

H&M Military style jacket
H&M Black wool shorts
Forever 21 Lace Up Sudette Boots - $20.64 (Similar style)

Forever 21 Dusty Pink/Black Sweater

Steve Madden Brown/Gold chain scarf

So, these were a few of my outfits these past days :) I haven't worn jeans lately and let me tell you, IT'S GREAT! Wearing tights is so much more comfortable and definitely more feminine than jeans. Don't get me wrong though, jeans will always be my favorite too.

Lastly, I finally posted my first look on :) Give me some hype? Pwetty pwetty pwease ^^

Gonna go make cappuccino & xbox live,




  1. Love the outfits, Keri! You look adorable :) Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Oh my goodness. You look absolutely fantastic in all these shots. I especially love your tights, and the vest with lace detail. Now forever more, I will always think of you when I see black lace!

  3. Really nice outfits!! Your have really nice long hair! And your shoes are so adorable.

  4. @Candice Thank you! Hope you had a nice one as well~

    @MJ Aww thank you<3 Black lace IS my absolute favorite ^^

    @PinkOrchids Aww thank you so much :D I actually need a hair cut LOL

  5. MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! : D And a happy new year! Wish you all the best!

    Love the military-style jacket from H&M btw! Found one a bit shorter, but style similar to that one.. It was just already ruined in the store -_-" Most of H&M's stuff is so bad quality..

  6. u look great in all of those! i'm a sucker for skirts with tights, especially when i was living in korea for a while, all of the girls wore that even in winter!

    if i was younger, i would definitely ask u out!!!

  7. @Nani HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO~! Hope it's a good one :) And aw that's a shame! I usually like H&M quality but I guess it's different for everyone ><

    @Ken HAHAHAHA aw thank you :D

    @Chelsea Thanksss!