Haulage & what not :]

Back to fashion... Well, actually, if you consider this as fashion. Basically, just comfy clothes. I apologize if my gaming talk bored you :] sowee.

First, I picked up this super cute t-shirt from Zumiez. On sale for &10. I was SOO happy when I saw it because I saw this exact tee a year ago and regretted not buying it...but now I own it :) "I only date ninjas." Maybe that's why I'm single.. Cause ya know, ninjas are always hard to find and whatnot ^^
Today, I went to the mall with my two best friends. It was a lotta fun! It's always hard to get together with them nowadays to school, work, blahblah.
This Fox shirt is a small (looks really big.. In fact, it is! Baggy & comfortable). I bought it because I love layering and it's also good to wear while breakdancing :p
I love this one. It was originally $22.50 but I got it on sale for $4 something. Yayayay! It's loose and perfect to pear with gray skinny jeans or something of that sort.

Lastly, I bought this white leather bow bracelet from Pacsun. It was $9.50. Cuuute ^^ The black bracelet I'm wearing was from Claire's :) It's something I wear everyday.

That's bout it! Hope the new year is treating you all well~

Off to social-network a bit,