e.l.f. makeup haul

Ello (: I am exhausted! It's 8:40 p.m. as I type this and honestly, I should be asleep! Yet, here I am writing this & watching Jackie Chu on blog tv ^_^

Thursday night, I saw midnight premiere of Harry Potter, as I mentioned previously. It was AMAZING! Best thing ever. Emma Watson (: I love her! She is the definition of class & etiquette. In the movie, Hermione was so strong! I can't wait until the 2nd part!!!! Anyway, last night I pulled an all nighterr~
My local Target decided to not sell any e.l.f. cosmetic products like a year ago and I've always wanted to try a few of their things out. Last week, I finally decided to place an order because Holly tweeted about $0.25 shipping. Since the majority of their products are only $1 I felt it wasn't worth spending like $7 on shipping alone. My order came to ____. It took 5 business days for package to come. Not bad :)

I bought two of the Natural Looking Lush lashes. I didn't get a chance to try them out yet. The adhesive glue isn't too impressive.. or so I've heard. They are super long for my eyes though! I have to trim them. Also, the lash band is semi-flimsy but not too bothersome.

Next, I decided to purchase the Shimmering Facial Whip in Camilia. Online, it looked a lot lighter! The color I would have normally picked was out of stock so I chose this one. The first time I opened it, a lot of water poured out of it u.u I shook it but it's still really liquidy and it has an odd stale/cheap smell. Not a fan.
Out of curiosity, I picked up the Shimmer Eyeliner pencil in Plum Passion and Black Bandit. They're decent. I do think that the Wet n Wild eyeliner is better in quality though. The cap on the eyeliner has a built in sharper..? It's convenient but really odd! I didn't notice it until I actually had the liner in my hands.

I also got a lipstick in Seductive. The quality is actually decent! It didn't make my lips dry but I do always wear a layer of chapstick underneath. It's not really pigmented but it can be easily built up! The packaging is a disappointment though! I mean, you obviously can't have high expectations for $1 products but it's really cheap and flimsy.

I also bought Hypershine lipgloss in blossom. It's really nice :) I wanted bubblegum though!

I purchased two Brightening eyeshadow quads in Blue Moon and Day 2 Night. Blue Moon is a little less pigmented. All the colors are gorgeous though. I absoultely adore Day 2 Night! It's my favorite thing I bought from e.l.f. The colors look really nice together. I would repurchase this one!

^ Blue Moon

^ Day 2 Night

Finally, I bought the famous dupe of Nars Orgasm, the e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzer in blushed/bronzed. This was the only thing that wasn't a $1 but was $3 instead. I was actually impressed with the packaging. It's made really nice for being so cheap. The blush itself is really pretty ^^ Very similar to Orgasm. The bronzer isn't too bad either ^_~

That concludes my e.l.f. products ^^ If I don't write sooner, I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving! You all deserve it :]


  1. Great haul! The contouring blush and bronzer looks lovely!

  2. that's awesome! Good thing shipping was only .25! I've always wanted to try their products too and FINALLY a few months ago they showed up in a target nearby. I got the liquid liner but it was OK. it didn't stay on too long so don't get it if you're ever tempted! :P


  3. Nice haul!:D

    ELF products have great value, a few misses but a lot more hits!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Great haul! I love elf, it's so affordable and it's worth its money! I have the bubblegum hypershine, i didn't like it because it was too barbie pink for me :)

  5. i just noticed your beauty mark~! cute!