Tis the Season...to be shopping!

Fa la la la la~
First of all, I apologize for the inconsistent blogging! Trust me, there were so many times when all I wanted to do was sit down and write a detailed post... Unfortunately, there were none such opportune moments where I could.. u.u Tis the holiday season and it's quite hectic!!!
Let's see.. I haven't written since Thanksgiving. I hope your holiday went well :) I still blame the tryptophan for my constant exhaustion, heh. I went shopping on Black Friday too! I hit up the King of Prussia mall. It's amazing thereee~

I went shopping with my best friend, and I ended up getting her this hat for Christmas. Isn't it adorable? We used to be obsessed with sled racing when we were younger, so it's only appropriate that I got her this! It's from Forever 21 and the entire store was 25% on Black Friday.

I also snagged this gray blazer that was 50% from Charlotte Russe in small. Extra small would have suited me better but they had run out. (Sorry for bad quality and dirty mirrors)

In Kohl's, I got this scarf for $10. I love it but the threads come undone really easily.

I also picked up this Marie Claire magazine because of the stunning cover page featuring Emma Watson :) Read her article, she is so influential! She's the epitome of class and elegance. From Walgreens, I purchased two Wet n Wild nail polishes that were on sale for $1 each. The dark one is called Morbid and the golden brown is Shield.

From Rice's, the nearby flea market, I bought a pair of $5 aviator sunglasses and a knock off Burberry scarf that was also $5. :) Quality over quantity, in this case.

Finally, to end with something sweet. I got these delicious Green Tea Latte hard candies. Oh my god. They taste exactly like green tea! Om nom nom~


  1. mmmmm, those green tea candies look delicious! very very cute haul :] my sister and i saw some adorable animal earmuffs and scarfs at the mall ;p

  2. Aww the hat is too cute!! And the tea candies look yummy ^^

  3. I like the slight shimmer that the scarf adds to your outfit : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess