URL Changes

Hey guys,

Just to let you know, I decided to update my blog once again. I'm changing the URL and title, to "Keria". I googled the old name, Kerismatic, and found that there were already some other established sites that are currently using the name. After some thought, I remembered this yellow flower called, Kerria Japonica.

Straight from Wikipedia: Kerria japonica, the sole species in the genus Kerria, is a deciduous shrub in the rosefamily Rosaceaenative to China, Japan and Korea.

So, I decided to drop an "r" to match my name. I think the name fits like a glove because my name is intertwined within and I guess I'm native to Korea too. LOL. If I was a flower, I would be a  Kerria Japonica plant, for sure. I will change the URL to keriah.blogspot.com in the next couple of days (Someone took keria, boo. But my last name begins with H, so I guess Keriah will have to suffice).


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