Ode to Thrifting

My best friend recommended this tiny literature novel to me because she said that as soon as she read the summary, I came to mind. The book is Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith. When reading, the words flow together in a unique, innovative style of writing. My only gripe is the fact that I wish the book was longer!

The character, "Isabel is a single, twentysomething thrift-store shopper and collector of remnants, things cast off or left behind by others. (...) [She] dreams of the perfect vintage dress move over a backdrop of deteriorating urban architecture". I assume, you whom is currently reading this, is somehow connected within the fashion blogosphere and can easily relate to Isabel and her yearnings for the perfect vintage piece.

Thus, pieces of this novel have inspired me to give ode to the art of thrifting. I mean, what's not to love about exploring a thrift store in search of a new - yet old - piece for your wardrobe? I think it's utterly enchanting to admire an article of clothing and to imagine what it's life has been like or what it's story portrays. For each piece holds some form of antiquity, purchased at some unknown time period by some unknown stranger, and they have unconsciously passed it's history to you. No pressure.

"Isabel looks around and quietly inhales. She loves the smell of old things. Every available space bursts with clothing. Open hatboxes full of hankies, taffeta-lined suitcases offering slips and garters, circles within circles of shoes atop racks scrunched with skirts and blouses. For a moment, she is back in this morning's dream, amid the clothes, smelling the decay of cloth and leave, feeling the weight of sleep in her limbs and waiting for the birds to crow" (77).


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