Kid at Heart

School may be over for summer, but that doesn't mean my studious-esque wardrobe is. Hopefully dressing smartly will influence my behavior because I have a tendency of developing a serious case of laziness as the summer days roll in. I must busy myself with things that need to be done and things I've been meaning to do. I have a few bullets I hope to cross of my "Summer Bucket List" and I must not dilly-dally. Although, I do allow myself to watch a few episode of the various shows I am attempting to catch up on, including: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and the Korean drama, Love Rain. I hope you all have a blessed and productive kick off of your summer days :)

PS: I am still extremely sad that I basically have to rebuild this blog up from the beginning :( I promise to be less negligent with posts (one of my summer goals).

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