Forever 21 Reopening

My co-worker friend and I share an obsession with Forever 21, and you all know that I love Forever 21. Needless to say, I was freaking out when she told me that they're renovating the one at a mall near me to a two-story one. Mind you, the one before was incredibly cramped, dirty, unorganized, and an overall pain to shop through. She told me that they're having a reopening event this past Saturday. Doors open at 7:00 AM and the first 200 customers receive gift cards that range from $10 - $210.  Immediately, I was thinking who I could drag along to take me. I asked my friend what she was doing Saturday morning and she suspiciously asked why. Hehe. But she loves me and gladly took me. ;)

We left my house at 6:35 AM and entered the mall exactly at 7. It was perfect timing. We didn't have to wait in line and there were still 100 gift cards when we got there. Unfortunately, I didn't get the $210 one, but I got a $20 gift card and I was pretty satisfied.

I was pretty much done all of my Christmas shopping, so I could happily meander around and shop for myself, guilt-free. LOL.

Despite the awkward placement of the sweater in the picture above, I really like it. It's thinly made for a knit, but super comfortable and casual. 

Part of their "Love 21 Contemporary" line, this sweater is made really nicely. It's thick, warm, and has the cutest detailing. 

 Love 21 sweater in cream/cocoa - $24.80

I have been seeking a denim button up for the longest time. I was always hesitant to buy one whenever I saw, because they were a. over priced, b. too baggy, c. bad quality. I love the wash and details on this shirt. It's loose fitting, but not too baggy. The only thing, it smells a bit acidic from the dye. I hope it goes away once I wash it.

Denim button up - $14.80

My total came to $57.28, but I received a 10% discount for the reopening event as well as my $20 gift card. I ended up paying $31.48. Not bad, right?!

Anyways, sorry for my inconsistent posts once again. Expect my next post to be about CHRISTMAS. Yayay :) It's weird though because it doesn't feel like Christmas at all yet. Maybe it just hasn't hit me.

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