Oh, hi there.

Soo, it's been awhile hasn't it? 

I haven't posted in ages. 59 days to be exact. :( I am scrambling right now to catch up with some of my favorite blogger's. I miss you all so much. I had the strong and sudden desire to update my blog and it just so happens that today I actually had the chance because I don't have much school work due tomorrow. Yay!

Where should I begin? It's kinda weird to write in blog style. It's so informal compared to the crap I've been having to write for my English class. I already feel as if I should be rhetorically analyzing something by now. smh.

Anyways, I have nothing of that importance to post except for the fact that I am not dead... Nothing too exciting has happened as of lately. Just the daily routine of school, work, sleep, repeat. In case you forgot, I am a sales associate at Old Navy and..I love my job! Sure, I have those days where I am dreading my shift and have to drag my feet into the store, but otherwise it's a great job.  It made me realize how important it is to work with people whose company you actually enjoy. I made a lot of great work friends and my managers are the bomb. But, I am scared for the upcoming holiday season. Everyone is telling me working in retail will be Hell these upcoming weeks: eek!

This is my current state right this moment. Did I trick you? I am certainly not in that cute outfit from the picture above. When I get home: Cute outfit off, bum outfit on, hair up.

As you can see, this post really has no importance to it all. At this point, I am just rambling and taking random unflattering pictures of myself on my webcam to avoid reading my book for school. Hehe. All for you guys.

And lastly, so I hope I don't scare you away with my messy hair and comfy sweatshirt, a picture of me looking cute and stuff.

I'll try to update whenever I can, especially with the upcoming holiday season!

Missed you all terribly,

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