Hello! Our mini family vacation was in Washington DC this Summer. From 7/1-7/3. Although I was there last year, that place never gets old. It was beautiful!

Johnny Depp was there supporting his POTC4 movie....Just playing:) We took a trip to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.
It looks so real, it freaked me out.
Robert Pattinson. He's gross...heh no offence!
I'm the new president, haven't you heard? And yeah...my lil bro is my assistant, I suppose! :p
I even was awarded an Oscar. Here, I am making my acceptance speech before I place it on my shelf of 100x other Oscars. What? Gift shop? Pleaseee.
Arlington Cemetery. Much respect. It's beautiful here.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
The guard of the above monument. I highly suggest you Google more about this. It's inspiring to hear about what these soldiers go through! Talk about dedication.
The Capitol & White House.

Overall, it was a fun vacation! We also visited the National Zoo on the last day. The only thing, it was so tiring. In 3 days, we walked maybe 8 miles? A LOT. The heat was killer too.

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Thanks for everything :)

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