My First Romper

I bought my first romper ever. I had mixed feelings about them. I didn't think they would look right on me, but I saw this cheetah print one at H&M , tried it on, and really liked it :) It was only $14.95

Here's a few ways on how I will wear it:

 Casual - Flat flip flops
 Fun - White jacket, bright pink sandals
 Sweet - Dusty pink cardigan, black flats, straw fedora

Formal - Gray blazer, pumps

Party - Gray/purple belt, black drape vest, black heels
You can even layer it under a skirt.

If you didn't notice, I took the majority of the pictures outside...that is until it started raining. In the "party" picture the deck is wet because it was actually raining, haha. Go figure. So hence, the last picture indoors. (I don't really know why I decided to take it on the bed..)

So I like rompers now :3 Don't you all like the new blogger posting system? You can finally upload pictures in bulk. It saves so much time! Thank you blogger. Bout time...



  1. totally cute! Looks great on you, and I love all the different ideas for styling it!

  2. cute!

  3. I like that one! Its very versatile!

  4. your first romper is perfect! and i loooove how you styled it! i am gonna have to borrow some of your ideas for when i wear my rompers. :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Wow, you're good at mixing and matching. I think you can also join the challenge I'm joining now. you can check it in my blog

  6. I really like your romper!! xoxo

  7. Ooh, hmm. I'll check it out! Thank you :)

  8. Aaaaw, means so much <3 Thanks girl!

  9. mmm! I love my cheetah print :3 rawrrr