All Star

After much pleading and begging, I persuaded my mom to order an early birthday present for moi :D
New converse!
They're my new babies.. :]
Casual, yet cute. I'm excited to dance in them.

(My mirror is disgusting..) I ordered them via Amazon for $50, free shipping. It came in 3 business days, as promised.

Now, my style is very...eclectic. LOL. I can be girly or I can be more edgy (hence the shoes). I love playing with different feelings and looks. For instance, on Friday night I went to my friend's party and wore a cute dress with 5 inch heels and the next day I went to the movies in a loose-fitting tee with my new converse. I think it's good to switch it up!

Speaking of movies, I saw Sucker Punch... OMG, How the heck did it receive such bad reviews?!?! I thought that it was filmed beautifully. The plot was a little hard to follow, but you understood in the end. It was thrilling, action packed, and I just looooved it. Full of girl power :]

All the girls were stunning and gorgeous *_* If you're into anime and action, definitely go see it! I hope they make it into a game, because it would be amazing. If I was an actress, I think I would want to be in it.. heh.

Have a good week everyone,


  1. aww!!! i love that shoes..:)it was super gorgeous!! :) my favorite color again**BLACK** hehe..:)

  2. Cute shoes!! :D I love converse. My chucks are my favorite shoes EVER.

    Ah, SUCKER PUNCH! I loved the way it was filmed as well. Those girls are pretty bad ass~ I'm kind of inspired by babydoll's look...almost to the point of bleaching my hair. HAHA jk. :3 I agree that the story was a bit hard to follow, but that was the director's intention since it's supposed to represent a "sucker punch" - you're taken in one direction, and then you're suddenly "sucker punched" into another.

  3. @Alice My seconds pair of converse, it's love <3 Truly! Black will never go outta style

    @Tiffyama Good point:] Babydoll was so flawless looking! Agreed, her hair was perfect! I'm obsessed with it. Gotta love Amber too, Asian rep :p

  4. Love the shoes - converse are always comfy and timeless :) I'm like you - someone once told me that they couldn't understand what my style was b/c one day i'd look like a girly girl, the next day i look like a surfer, the next day i look like a b-girl, etc, etc. haha! I like mixing it! :P And yes... SUCKER PUNCH WAS SO GOOD! I was already captured in the first 30 seconds, especially with that soundtrack!

  5. @Kym Exactly! I can't help it. I like different trends. I can't just settle for one! I LOVE Sucker Punch omg!! Ah-mazing. The soundtrack was so badass. love.

  6. awesome shoes :)
    im your new follower hoping to be followed back by you :)
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  7. nice. like them!

  8. Thanks for the positive movie review, I might actually give it a try. We'll see.;D

    Cute shoes, btw.:D

    ***** Marie *****