Change is Good

So, in case you haven't noticed, I renovated my blog! :]

I quickly photoshopped a new banner. It's certainly not completely professional by any means, but I think it's cleaner than the old one. I'm such a photoshop noob though. LOL. I was banging my head because it was taking so long to load..when I realized that I had the resolution set way too high. smh.
I also added a lot of widgets on the side bar. Check em out!

For instance, Fashiolista. It is kind of similar to Polyvore in the sense that people post fashion finds from various websites. Making an account, you can give them "love" and it'll get added to your collection. I could spend hours on this website o.O Especially since I have app, I just go on and browse whenever bored. If you make an account, let me know :]

In other news, my Target is now selling e.l.f cosmetics again! YAYAYA. I'm so happy! I mean, it's not my favorite makeup brand but I like being able to buy things without having to pay shipping for a few $1 priced items.
Hesitantly, I picked up this Tone Correcting Concealer in light beige. Meh. I definitely could have lived without it. The coolest thing about it is the scent! They actually make the product so it smells good. This is in sugar orange.

Pros: Lightweight, smooth, easy application, scent.
Cons: Little coverage.

Lastly, I got the Brightening Eye Color eyeshadow quad in Drama. The shadows are so gorgeous! I first saw this on Jenny's post and was like, "Ah! Must have!"
Not a big fan of the white, too chalky on my skintone, but the others I love so very much. Yeah, they're chunky due to the massive amounts of glitter, but when applied and blended it looks rather nice.

Pros: Affordable, blendable, doesn't crease.
Cons: Fades, cheap packaging.

Lastly, I know it's early but I started collecting prizes for my 100 follower giveaway xD Omg. I'm so excited hehehe :] Look forward to it!

Gonna brush up on photoshop skills (yikes),


  1. I love you hair! so gorgeous <3
    Good luck on getting 100 followers :)

  2. YAY FOR ELF! It's not my favorite brand either but...can't beat the price for it's quality. :D

  3. i have those elf quads too! i agree, the coverage isn't that good, but for a dollar it's more than worth it. :D

    p.s. love the new look of your blog!

    <3, Mimi

  4. Those ELF quads are pretty good for a dollar.:D

    ***** Marie *****