Happy Valentine/Single Awareness Day :]

Happy Valentines Day lovelies~ Well, unless you're celebrating Single Awareness Day like moi ^_~

To be honest, I don't care all that much for this "holiday" because it's just an excuse where couples exchange chocolate/flowers/jewelry. Shouldn't that be year around? I would love if someone would spontaneously get those things for me :] Meh, maybe it's just me! I don't mean to be a negative Nacy haha. I do think it is a good idea though, sure^^

Here's my outfit for the day:

I bought the black shorts and pink cardigan from H&M on Friday night.
The shorts were on sale for $5. SCORE. I love seeing the big red sale tags. They fit perfectly. They're comfy. Love love love :]

The only thing, the shorts collect so much fuzz and whatnot. But these are the tights I'm wearing. They're by Simply Vera from Kohl's.

Lastly, today from Target, I picked up Pond's dark spot correcting moisturizer. It's mainly in Spanish, heh. I guess this one is similar to Pond's flawless white that is sold in Asia. The one that I got says to see results in 2-4 weeks and the flawless white claims 7 days. We'll see :]
I hope you all have a wonderful day, single or taken. If you don't have a lover, love your family. Love your friends. And most importantly, love yourself. Don't be sad! That's the worst thing. Just be happy. Make it a great day, the choice is yours.
HAHA. Bleh. Corny. *barfbarf* :]

Gonna scavenge the house for some chocolate,



  1. I also don't care that much about V-Day!:) But it's cute,and people around you seem to be much happier!^__^*So,it's OK!<3
    And I really like your outfit +the tights are really pretty!*-*<3
    I Hope you had a Happy Valentines day!<3<3<3^__^*

    Ps;Please post a review of Pond's dark spot moisturizer!(Once you see any results)!^__^* I'm interested~

  2. what a great deal on the shorts!! :)
    love ur outfit~! u have such a slim body!
    ooh please let us know how the ponds work out for u~ i need something to remove my post pimple marks too! :(
    thanks for following me too! :)

  3. you are very pretty and so slim~! therefore u look good in a lot of outfits

  4. @Yumeko True! Unless your friends are being grouchy and upset cause they're single, but mine were all okay this year :] And I shall! Thanks <333

    @MEOW I LOVE deals :] Oh yeah, I hope it works! If it does, expect a review fosho~

    @Ken Aww thank ya! ;]

  5. haha, you're SO cute!!

    Yeah, I like Tony Moly products coz they're inexpensive and good quality! I'm thinking of getting more of blushers :)

  6. Superrr Blog

    hugh serah ♥


  7. Oh, I totally agree with you on V-Day. I refuse to "celebrate" it with my bf because everything is so frigging expensive! Just because your sushi or side salad comes in a heart-shaped bowl on that day does not allow you to over-charge on your "V-day lovey dovey meal for couples". Sorry, went of on a rant there.

    Love your tights and those shorts are such a bargain!

  8. You look lovely! I hope you had a wonderful celebration:-) Fantastic blog:-)

  9. @PopBlush Aww, can't wait to see what you get ;]

    @Viv Aww thanks :D

    @Serah *hugback* thank yaa!

    @Joey Naww, I totally agree~! Love should be a year round thing, y'know?! :]

    @Comewhinewithme Aww thank you so much! ^^

  10. your outfit is so cute =) $5 for those shorts is definitely a steal!!

  11. You look lovely! I hope you had a wonderful celebration:-) Fantastic blog:-)

  12. adorable outfit, that last picture is so cute!