Hair Conditioning Mask Review

I cannot stop touching my hairrrr. It's softer and silkier than it has been in months. On Friday night, I picked up a Hask Henna n' Placenta with Olive Oil conditioning treatment from Sally's. I was so excited, so I used it when I got home. Again, I'm mentioning MszJackieChu because she introduced it to me through her youtube video. :]

Now, I know some of you are either skeptical or grossed out, but most likely, both. It's really not that bad though! Of course, the mask isn't straight up placenta. There are indeed other products in it. As far as consistency, it's similar to a regular conditioner that isn't too runny. And it actually smells really goood! It reminds me of Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon scent, weirdly enough.
What is the Hask Placenta Plus Henna N' Placenta with
Olive Oil mask?
A new formula with the added ingredient of natural olive oil, moisturizes and nourishes, restoring life & luster to your hair. Neutral henna & natural placenta (*Placenta extract, derived from natural animal placenta, no animal testing, is combined with amino proteins) are combined to create nature's most complete hair conditioner. Quickly repairs and strengthens dry, brittle, lifeless hair. And will not change hair color. The result is beautiful hair with easy manageability.

Shampoo & towel dry hair. Apply complete packet and massage into hair. Warm with hair dryer or wrap in hot towel for 10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual. Use weekly, or as often as needed.
*My way: Warm product in package by rinsing with warm water. Apply half the packet from ear and down. Clip hair up, cover with plastic shower cap. Blow dry for 15 minutes. Rinse. Style.

Mmm, yeah :] It's super cheap, pricing at about $2.29 at your local Sally's Beauty Supply. Or other websites like Amazon carry it. I would definitely look into this if your hair needs a little revitalizing.

That's it for now~!

Still stroking my hurr,


  1. OOOO this sounds like something I want to try. The name is HILARIOUS though.. haha reminds me of Tom Cruise!

  2. Okay, I need to try this after seeing so many great reviews. Your tidbit about it smelling like cucumber melon sold it for me!

  3. P.S. I love your hair in the versatile blogger award post~^^

  4. Thanks for sharing babe. Im in total need of treatment for my dry hair :( Maybe I just need a trim hehe xo

  5. Ooooh I will have to try this! I wish my hair was as long and pretty as yours :)

  6. @Eugenia LOLOL omg I totally agree xD

    @Diana Yayayay! I hope you like it :] And aw thanks! My hair there was bedhead LOL

    @PopBlush My pleasure hun. Perhaps trim and treatment! Ohlala~ ;]

    @MJ You definitely should! And awww thanks <3 but yours IS pretty, no worries!

  7. hahaha i will have to try this.. but wtf did they name it placenta?! hahah

  8. >< placenta! is it real animal placenta T___T

  9. @lisa because it is placenta! LOL

    @Ani Yeah:( Sheep placenta... I was hesitant because of that but it states "No cruelty. No animal testing." ><

  10. >< placenta! is it real animal placenta T___T

  11. Thanks for sharing babe. Im in total need of treatment for my dry hair :( Maybe I just need a trim hehe xo