I won Epued's Giveaway :)

I WON A GIVEAWAY! I never would have thought so! When I found out, to put it simply, I spazed :) Epued is Ani Li's adorable, incredible blog. Follow her ^^
All of the items include; Malica Majorca Lash Expander, Panda Mousepad, Tony Moly Ice Cream Face Mask, Cookie Compact Mirror, Panda Speaker pillow, Ice Cream Pen, Skin79 Miniature BB Cream Set, Panda facepaper, and White Chocolate iPhone cover.

This a panda speaker pillow! You can plug in your iPod, lay your head down, and tada~! This is perfect for me because I can listen to my "Sleeping Playlist" to put me to sleep ^^

I can't wait to try this mask out :) My brother's friend came over and was like, "Ugh, smells like girl." Hahahaha xD

Om nom nom, everytime I see this, it makes me hungry for an oreo! Even the packaging it's in is cute.

I won't be ashamed to whip this little buddy out to blot my face, that's for sure ^_~

I am finally being exposed to more Asian makeup. There are so many things I want to order online but am hesitating because of shipping. You can only imagine how happy I was to get this mascara to try out :)

White chocolate! Best kind of chocolate there is~

I spend so much time on the computer.. I adore this mouse pad ^^

The famous... BB CREAM! I was anticipating the day I would own BB Cream for awhile now :p Today was my first day using it and it's loveeee.

I love collecting adorable stationary! I shall be the envy in class with this little ice cream cone

Sorry this post was so picture heavy. I just thought that it all needed it's own individual picture so you get the full effect of everythings' cuteness~ Just to retiterate, please follow Ani Li at Epued for fashion, creativity, and of course everything panda ^^

Thank you, Ani!


  1. Congratulations and enjoy your goodies!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Congrats!! Those are really cool prizes!

  3. wow, those are amazing goodies! congrats! :D

    p.s. i am a new follower!

    <3, Mimi

  4. you are so lucky! Those are really cute!


  5. Aww everything is so cuuute! Congrats and enjoy!

  6. awwww this is so adorable <3

    xoxo Christine


  7. congratulations again ^_^ you're so welcome :) i'm happy you like all the things xD

  8. awwww this is so adorable <3

    xoxo Christine