David Choi Concert!

"I just want to hold you. I just want to kiss you. I just want to love you all my life. I normally wouldn't say this but I just can't contain this. I want you here forever, right here by my side."

David Choi: most talented singer on YouTube, in my opinion :) & on Thursday night, I went to his concert!

20 South 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19147
(215) 928-0978

The restaurant was so cute! It was located in an old section of Philly. Some of the streets nearby were still cobblestone. It had such a nice atmosphere and most importantly I felt safe because you know how how Philadelphia can be..
I didn't get a chance to eat at the restaurant itself (I wish I did!). Upstairs was the music venue area. The room was kind of narrow but we had good seating! At the far end was the stage and on the opposite side was the bar. There were candlelit tables in the center and stool seating on the sides of the entire room.

While waiting for the show to start, I got to meet Phil Chao! He's hilarious :) I got a little flashlight thing from him but I forgot to get a picture u.u oops ^^;
Alfa Garcia was the opening act! Oh my goodness, I instantly loved her music! She was super pretty, talented, and had the cutest outfit! After the show, my best friend Chelsea-Unnie bought her newer cd :) I'll have to steal it from her to download at some point.

David Choi!!!!! He was everything I expected & some more! He told us this was his medicated tour because he was on singular for his allergies. Let's just say, he totally got off topic xD He sang songs like Youtube Love Story, Always Hurt, Love but he ended with By My Side, one of my favorites~ I loveee him!

Look how much my camera sucks! ;_;

"Love" - David Choi

"Always Hurt" - David Choi

At the end, I bought the By My Side album from Phil, who was selling the merchindise. We got in line to meet David and ended up being about the 5th in line :) Hug, photo, and autgraph ^_~ Ahh, I'm such a fan girl sometimes..


  1. I love David Choi!! That's so exciting that you got to meet him!!
    Sounds like a fun night!

  2. Ahh I <3 David Choi too! He's so funny and real. Cute picture!!

  3. wow!! that's awesome you got to meet him! his voice is amazing

  4. thank you so much <3

    xoxo Christine