Randomness: Nailpolish, lipstick & my puppy

I just got back from getting my ears repierced at Claire's! Previously, I had them done when I was three years old but last year I noticed that they were tearing. Let me tell you, it has been extremely difficult without earrings! I wear them everyday so I felt so nakey without them O.O I was going to get Hello Kitty Claire's exclusive studs but I felt that wasn't practical. This close though.. this close.
My favorite lipstick right now is Smashbox Photo Finish (with Sila-Silk Technology) in Stunning. Although, the color isn't available anymore, I reccomend picking up a different one. It's smooth, creamy and has incredible pigmentation. I also care about the smell and this one smells like vanilla... mmm.. It makes me want to eat it..

As far as nailpolish goes, I absolutely adore Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Enamel. The formula is quite nice but by far, the brush is the best quality. It's thick and the tip of it is round so it's perfect for a quick and efficent polish. I plan on going to buy all the colors o.O The color I have though is called Steel Grey. It's matte and a wonderful Fall color.

My puppy~


  1. I love rimmel too! That's scary about your ears ripping, but I am glad they are re-pierced! Love the picture of your dog! He looks really cute :)

  2. Ooh that polish is pretty, and your puppy is so adorable! :)

  3. Oooooh! Nice nail polish! Great pick! You might also want to try chinchilly from Essie...it's similar but a lighter grey!


  4. Aw, your dog is so cute! I love that nail polish color!

  5. I have to agree with Candice, as that color looks great on your nails! (^^)

    Btw, hope that your ears are feeling better.

    Love, Eisse J

  6. what breed your puppy is =)??

    and the rimmel nail color is so cool, chic grey =D!

  7. @MJ Thanks :) yeah, it makes em want to try more Rimmel products :)

    @Candice & @Ann Aw, thank you!

    @bubbs Oh, i'll have to give it a try! I <3 Essie!

    @Elisse J Thank youu <3

    @Pixie He's a lhasa poo. Mix between a lhasa apso and a poodle. ^^

  8. Eek on your ears ripping, but yay for getting them redone. Now you can wear cute earrings! :) Your pup is the cutest ever!