Atlantic City! ^o^

Hey guys ^^
I am exhausted -O- I spent last night at Atlantic City, New Jersey with my family. It was a ton of fun!

We stayed at Donald Trump's Taj Mahal. It never ceases to amaze me at how much money he has! Does anyone know how he even acquired it? Heredity? We were discussing that at breakfast this morning.. I've always been curious, haha!

The casino/hotel was super nice. I apologize for not getting clear pictures. I didn't even get a good picture of the casino! I totally forgot! One thing though, there was a small designated smoking area but it stunk so bad on the casino floor. The stench was overwhelming after awhile u.u

If you're going for the beach, I actually don't recommend Atlantic City unless it's the beach near Caesar's casino. They don't sweep their beaches so there's always a TON of shells and they hurt so badly u.u

As we were coming back from the beach, we made it just in time to see a short show on the boardwalk. These two guys would ride in this cage on motorcycles. It was insane. Not to mention, one of the guys had to have been at least 70 years old. At the end, they rode in there together but I accidentally deleted the footage! ;_;

This was my outfit for nighttime :] I purchased it from Forever 21 in the beginning of Summer and finally had somewhere to wear it! It was about $22, I believe. I love asymmetrical & ruffles

My favorite carnival style game has always been the crane. I love the feeling of winning randomness! Hahaha :) but I was so sad!! I spent $5 trying to win a Domo and failed ;_;

We also walked down to Caesar's casino/hotel. Ah, amazingg. I've been there a couple times before and I am always awed by the decoration, furniture, and glamor. The beach there is a lot more crowded then where we were! It looked nicer too. NO shells ^_^

SHOPPING. The Pier is connected to Caesar's and it has the best stores ever. Mac, Lush, LV and so much more! Heaven... There was also a 10 minute water show that played at every hour by the stores. I saw it last year but it's always fun to watch :)

After, that we went home! I actually didn't spend any money besides a fan! O.o To compensate my lack of spending, I think I shall go to Walmart and buy more makeup... Ah, I'm so bad u.u


  1. I recently went to AC too! I actually read the Trump is losing large amounts of money, I doubt he's as rich as he used to be. I wanted to stay at that same hotel too but had to leave early. ;[ I will definitely go back though. Did you check out the other casinos there?

    xo, Diana

  2. So cool! Oh really. AH >.<
    Yeah! I went and walked into a bunch of them. Caesar's will always be my favorite thought ^___^

  3. Your nigthtime outfit is waay cute :) Thanks for following my blog :)

  4. OMG SO MANY DOMOS!!!! haahah that is so freaking cute!

  5. Your nigthtime outfit is waay cute :) Thanks for following my blog :)