Summer Outfits


I apologize for slacking on my at-least-once-a-week-posts >_< I have been really, really busy as school is coming to a close. Whoever said the last week of school is easy?! Finals are killer. I guess it is all part of the territory though. My diet has been consisting of a wide variety of frozen meals, microwavable soup/noodles, and lots and lots of coffee! My last day is Thursday the 16th, so after that's over: FREEEDOM. Heck yeah! :)

Despite the sleepless nights, I always enjoy picking out my outfit. Makes me happy! ^^

This outfit is comfortable, yet it remains cute and put together even though the whole outfit is slouchy. It's an effortless look:
Off the shoulder tee -- Kohl's
Black, loose cargo pants -- H&M Kids
Black wedge flip-flops -- Ann Taylor Loft

This is a super easy way to wear a pencil skirt. The turquoise top and beige belt gives it that summery feel:
Turquoise top -- Forever 21
Pencil Skirt - Victoria's Secret PINK
Watch Heart necklace -- Forever 21
Bracelets/Belt -- Unknown

This outfit is the epitome of girly. The pink floral skirt is actually a summer dress I layered underneath the Hello Kitty sweatshirt. 
Hello Kitty sweatshirt -- Forever 21
Floral dress -- Target
Pink Converse -- Target

This outfit is buisnessy, yet has a "sexier" look because of the brown mini skirt. I kept all of the colors a neutral brown. I also layered ruffles with the beige blazer and the lace ruffled top.
Ruffled beige blazer -- Charlotte Russe
Ruffled lace shirt -- Marshall's
Brown mini skirt/Shoes -- unknown

So that's it! The last picture is just another look at my highlights, for kicks. haha.
OH! And I am going out to buy more prizes for my 100+ follower giveaway soon. Stay tuned :3

Can't wait for SUMMER,

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