Nautical Vibes

Tank: Thrift store, High-waisted shorts: Forever 21, Fedora: Target

I just took these pictures outback. It's so hard to shake the awkward feeling when shooting pictures or filming videos in public. Only I would experience it in my backyard. /le sigh. My neighbor came outdoors and his deck has a direct view of my yard. I was in midst pose, the flash went off, and then I saw him. I died. With practice, hopefully this feeling will go away soon. Haha.

I had a nautical vibe today with my blue & cream color palette. Don't you wish you could just sail away every now and then? All I would need is a good book, food, and water and I would be set. Oh, and I suppose knowing how to drive a boat would be of most importance too..which I am lacking. But whatever :)


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