Just Randomness

Do you guys watch America's Best Dance Crew?! Ahh, I live for that show, no lie. All of the crews are super good this season! I was pissed this past week though because 787 and Phunk Phenomenon were in the bottom two. WTH. Honestly, I think Street Kingdom needs to go. Yeah, they're good for sure, but all they do is krump! Like c'mon, stretch your abilities.

My favorite crews are I.aM.mE and Phunk Phenomenon. GAH. They are soo good! My inspiration~ Instant Noodles are pretty good too :) I like them because they stick to true bboy, but they're not the best. BUT, they follow me on twitter soo... :3

Anyway... Today for Mother's Day, my Dad and I made chicken marsala. We used Olive Garden's recipe. It came our really nice :] She enjoyed it! *pats self on back* I hope everyone had a good day too~

I've been considering highlighting my hair... AH. Here's it normal and natural:
I really don't know what to do. I always wanted, yet I am terribly afraid. What if I don't like it? What if it ruins my hair? What if I regret it? What if I mess it up? etc. If I did, I would want to get something like Jaime Chung:
I am mostly afraid that it will ruin the healthiness of my hair ;_; *shrugs* what do you think?!

Help meeee,


  1. Girl. I dye my hair lol. we can dye together! I'm thinking light brown haha like my one strand. I'll pull a jessica lol

  2. I think that you should go for it! You only live once and besides, it will grow out. Then you'll be thinking it grows too fast for touch ups haha. The brown is pretty. :)

  3. there are products that are really hair friendly but you look so hot and sexy in your hair, I guess a lot of people envy you with your hair. but for the sake of change I guess you can have it just don't dye the whole hair blond hehe

  4. Thank you! Means a lot. Hmm, I'm still thinkin bout it!

  5. Hahaha so true :)
    Thanks for your input!

  6. YEAH, let';s dye together :D
    I loove that color on you!

  7. You have beautiful hair. :) Maybe try like a semi-permanent first?

    Thanks for following!