Decorating Project

My room is something that represents my personality and who I am. Although, I admit, during the week it gets really cluttered and untidy, but I wouldn't change it:]

Thanks to Tumblr, I got this amazing idea to print a ton of 4x6 pictures & postcards that I can personally connect to. I went to Walgreens and printed 50 pictures and with a coupon (*cough* Asian *cough* LOL) it was super cheap. Only $5, 10cents per picture. My dad got me this awesome Elmer's Poster&Picture glue stick. It supposedly doesn't damage your walls when removed.


I'm really proud of myself xD I guess I figured that I would get glue all over and the pictures would be extremely crooked.

I love it because it showcases all the things that make up me and what I stand for, plus simultaneously acts as a great focal point for my room.
Have a nice day everyone,


  1. A great idea and very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I adore your room decoration and like the idea every postcard picture means something, very nice!

    And haha nothing wrong with the being asian and wanting to use coupons, we all like a little extra money in our pockets :)

  3. it's really pretty =] I would like to do that to my wall now xD

  4. I think it came out great!:D

    & there is nothing wrong with using coupons.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. aww!! that cute these decoration..:)feel like wanna put in on my wall now..hahahaa:D

  6. A great idea and very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.